Cute Haru Feels Shy Around G-Dragon?

Who knew that even Haru turns shy in front of G-Dragon?

On the February 16 episode of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns” titled “If we are together, I am not scared,” the cast members stepped out of their comfort zone and experienced new things.

To support his YG Family members, Tablo and his daughter Haru visited the concert of labelmate Big Bang. However, as the two entered the waiting room backstage, Haru could not hide her shyness and embarrassment when she saw G-Dragon. Seeing the young girl’s reaction, G-Dragon smiled and seemed to consider her actions very cute.

Suddenly, Haru and G-Dragon’s eyes met each other, and Haru quickly turned away to hug her father saying, “I feel shy.” This time, the handsome singer was confused, as Haru was about to burst in tears.

Afterwards, Tablo revealed during an interview with the producers, “Haru acts shy whenever she looks at Jiyong’s solo music videos. Her face turns red. Seems like GD belongs to the category of men in Haru’s opinion.”