“K-Pop Star 3” Battle Audition Performances from Top 10 Contestants

Audition show K-Pop Star 3 is currently having their battle auditions where the top 10 contestants will be chosen from. Here are the performances from this week’s episode.

16 year old contestant Sam Kim wows judges with his performance of “I’m in Love.” Sam Kim won first place in the battle audition, and he will be going to the live top ten show. 

Peter Han plays the guitar as he sings John Park‘s “This Ain’t It.”

Han Hee Jun, a former contestant on American Idol, impresses the judges as he performs Kim Bum Soo‘s ballad “Passing.”

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Contestant Jang Hana sings her rendition of the 1980’s classic “Like That Smiling Face Letting Me Go.”

Duo Something performs with acoustic guitars for their original song “Excuse Me.”

Girl duo “Perfect Field” performs Rain’s single “It’s Raining” while performing intricate choreography. 

Trio Jjari Mong Ddang harmonize well as they perform George Michael‘s “Faith.”

Chinese contestant Yao Wai Tao sings Luther Vandross‘ “Dance With My Father.” Unfortunately, Yao Wai Tao was eliminated this week.

Which singer are you rooting for in K-Pop Star 3? You can watch the show on Sundays on SBS at 4:55PM KST.