Music Chart Battle: Soyu x Junggigo’s “Some” vs. Sunmi’s “Full Moon”

While there have been artists trying to steal away their number one spot, project group Soyu x Junggigo has been dominating the music charts with the sweet and addictive “Some.”

The project single was released on February 7, and immediately after it hit the online music stores, “Some” secured its spot on top of the charts. Even 11 days later on February 17, the song ranks first on the real time charts of MelonMNetOlleh MusicGenie, and other popular music sites. 

“Some” is a medium-tempo duet track by SISTAR‘s Soyu and talented vocalist Junggigo, with a rap break by Geeks‘ Lil’ Boi. Thanks to its relatable lyrics and the two singers’ beautiful voices, the track has recorded impressive download numbers.

The duo’s latest challenger is Sunmi with her comeback track “Full Moon,” which was released on February 17 at midnight. Right after its release, the track shot to the top of multiple music charts. While it still ranks first on a few online stores, “Some” has returned to its number one spot on many popular charts, proving its strong appeal. 

“Full Moon” is produced by Brave Brothers, and this marks the first collaboration between JYP Entertainment and the hit producer. Gaining attention with its vampire concept and Sunmi’s subtle sexiness, the music video has already gained hundreds of thousands of views.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top!

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