Spica Members Want to Get Loved by Lee Hyori

On February 17, members of girl group Spica appeared as guests on KBS Cool FM’s “Jo Jung Chi and Ha Rim’s 2 O’clock” radio show.

On the show, DJ Jo Jung Chi asked, “I heard Lee Hyori wrote and composed and even produced the new song. I can hear her style in the song. What do you think about it?”

Spica answered, “We’re happy we can give off a similar mood. We have fun performing it live on stage because it’s such a fun song.”

The DJs asked, “Do you have any complaints about Lee Hyori?” to which Jiwon replied, “We don’t have any complaints, but we get jealous. Sometimes, she give more attention to the other girls, so I have days when I want her to pay more attention to me.”

The other Spica members agreed and remarked, “When [Lee Hyori] unnie focuses on something, she gets absorbs in it. For example, she’ll give all of her attention to one of the members during the music video shoot. When it’s my turn to shoot, she disappears.”

One of the girls added, “If I don’t get confirmation from her, it feels like I’m wearing the less prettier clothes or I’m getting loved less.”

DJ Ha Rim asked, “Who gets Lee Hyori’s attention these days?” The Spica members answered, “It’s random. But our maknae, Bohyung, seems to get extra attention these days.”

Meanwhile, Spica demonstrated their singing ability performing “You Don’t Love Me” and “Tonight” on the show. 

You Don’t Love Me:


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