“Superman Returns” Jang Hyun Sung Picks Haru Over Chu Sarang as His Future Daughter-In-Law

Actor Jang Hyun Sung who is very much popular these days due to his appearances on the adored KBS 2TV show Superman Returns picked Tablo and Kang Hye Jung’s daughter Lee Haru to be his future daughter-in-law.

On the KBS Cool FM “Jo Jung Chi and Harim’s 2 o’clock” radio show that was broadcast on February 17, when DJ Jo Jung Chi asked the actor, “Haru versus Chu Sarang. Who would you pick be your daughter-in-law,” Jang Hyun Sung responded, “That’s hard. For Haru, when you see her for real, you’ll be really surprised. She has these huge eyes that seems to melt anyone who looks at them directly. As for Sarang, her cuteness and charms are just to die for.”

After thinking for a while, the actor continued, “I think I will pick Haru because she is better at speaking Korean. Also, I don’t want to lose at an arm-wrestling game against my daughter-in-law’s father. ”

Jang Hyun Sung