[Video] First Music Show Wins for Idol Groups

Winning a music program (Show Champion, Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo) is one of the major hurdles for a K-Pop group to get over on the path to becoming a top group. While popular acts make it look easy with their large fan bases, it is definitely a tough struggle for rookie groups to get enough attention.

If you aren’t familiar with how these shows go, the hosts announce the winner at the end of the show, selected by a scoring system which varies by program. The winners then give an acceptance speech and then a very playful encore stage of the song.

For most first time wins, following the initial shock of the announcement, idol members tend to cry out of happiness.

While it has been a year since we last covered this, several groups have had their first wins since then. The list begins with the more recent wins, then goes further back in time.

B.A.P is the latest group to have their first Music Show win. Their first studio album “First Sensibility” and title track “1004(Angel) did very well on music charts upon release.

Their first win came on February 12 on Show Champion, followed by their first Music Bank and Inkigayo wins that weekend. 

Following their win, #BAP1stWin was on top of Twitters trends for more than an hour.

Bang Yong Guk later said, “We were dumbfounded and did not really realize what happened, so we kept wondering if it’s real,” and continued, “We always used to quietly stand at the back of the music show ending stage, but this time was our first time standing in the front. Seems like also the other members were filled with emotions, as they were about to cry.”

AOA took their first win on Inkigayo’s February 9 episode with “Miniskirt.” That day was an all out girl group battle, having to go against Girl’s Day and Spica (also a first time nominee). The group’s leader Jimin manages to stop herself from crying and speed talks the group’s “thank you” list.

VIXX‘s first win came on December 6, 2013 on Music Bank. “Voodoo Doll,” their fourth promoted song in 2013, took a close win over Hyorin‘s “One Way Love.” The members were very emotional throughout their acceptance speech. Leo crouches down to not be seen.

Block B won for the first time on Inkigayo’s October 13, 2013 episode with “Very Good.” While they were surprised at first, they became very enthusiastic about winning moments later.


Crayon Pop‘s huge breakout hit “Bar Bar Bar” gave them their first win on August 30, 2013. After a cute group hug, they become a little tearful during their “thank you” speech.

Girl’s Day was very hungry for their first music show win last year. After suffering a heartbreaking close loss on the July 6, 2013 episode of Music Core, their first ever win came the next day on Inkigayo for their song “Female President.” Unfortunately, that particular show was cancelled due to news coverage of a an airline tragedy.

Their comeback song this year “Something” did very well on charts and won a total of six times. They were still very emotional for their first televised win on Show Champion. 

With such a powerful fanbase, it was only a matter of time before EXO took home their first win with “Wolf.” It came on the June 14, 2013 episode of Music Bank, in which they scored twice as many points as the runner up. 

“Wolf” won four times, while their follow up song “Growl” racked up an amazing 14 wins. It was unbelievable year for the group as they also took home multiple “Album of the Year” awards from major ceremonies.


B1A4‘s first win came on May 18, 2013, with their song “What’s Happening.” On Music Core, they took a close win over Hyori. CNU seems to be the most emotional.

Their more recent song “Lonely” took eight total wins on music shows, showing that their first win wasn’t a random occurrence.

Teen Top won their first show with “Going Crazy” on the February 3, 2012 episode of Music Bank. They seemed a bit shocked at first, but then went to make human pyramid to thank their fans.

(Sound is a little off sync)

A Pink had their first win on January 5, 2012 on M!Countdown with “My My” from their second EP “Snow Pink.”

Leader Chorong seems to be left speechless while many of the other members are crying. Eunji does most of the thank you speech.

Fun Fact: Fans of drama “Reply 1997,” did you notice that Tony An was one of the hosts of M!Countdown on the day A Pink won!

(English Subbed)

Extra BTS

Infinite had their first win with “Be Mine” on September 1, 2011 on M!Countdown. The song was the title track of the group’s first album “Over The Top.”

A lot of manly tears were shed by most of the members during their acceptance speech and encore.

 (Includes performances. Jump to 4:50 in to watch award.)

f(x) had their first win with “Pinocchio (Danger)” on the April 29, 2011 episode of Music Bank. Luna seems to be the most affected by the win. After getting teary eyed, Victoria manages to get the thank you speech out.

After mainly promoting with sexy and mature concepts since their debut, Secret‘s “Shy Boy” ended upcoming their breakout hit song. Their cute retro concept definitely won everyone over and was able to take their first ever win on January 11, 2011 on M!Countdown.

They start crying more during their encore stage.

SISTAR‘s first win came on December 17, 2010 on Music Bank with “How Dare You.” Due to a holiday special episode, they accepted the award the following week, so we didn’t get to see their initial reactions to winning.

miss A‘s “Bad Girl Good Girl” won for the first time on M!Countdown on July 22, 2010. This was an amazingly fast win for a rookie group as it was only 23 days after their debut. 

Min seemed very surprised.

(English Subbed)

MBLAQ took home their first win on June 3, 2010 on M!Countdown with their song “Y.”

For the most part, they seem pretty clam throughout it.

BEAST‘s “Shock” gave the group their first win on M!Countdown on March 25, 2010.

While Yoseob begins the acceptance speech for the group, many of the others are overcome with emotion for their first music show victory.

Lucky for us, they aired a lot of their encore stage.

2AM got their first win with “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” on Inkigayo on February 7, 2010.

Their win came about 18 months after their debut. After being announced as the winner, members Jo Kwon and Jinwoon become very emotional. Despite crying, Jo Kwon manages to say a few words of thanks.

CNBlue‘s debut track “I’m a Loner” gave the group their first win on Music Bank on January 29, 2010. The group also went on to win on Inkigayo two days later as well.

This win comes 15 days after releasing their debut mini album and makes them the fastest group to win a music program. Girl group miss A is the second fastest with a win 23 days after their debut.

T-ara had their first win with “Bo Peep Bo Peep” January 1, 2010 on Music Bank. They looked definitely surprised to take the win over 2PM that week. When the MC asked them to comment, it seemed like the members hid their face or turned away to not show their crying face. It takes a while for someone to finally say something. 

(English Subbed)

After School took home their first win on December 20, 2009 with “Because Of You” on Inkigayo. The song went on to hit triple crown status with following Inkigayo wins on December 27 and January 24.

The song is from their second single and was the first song for new members Nana and Raina.

As leader Kahi is giving the thank you speech, the other girls seem to be hiding in a line behind her to hide their crying.

Note: Video shows all three of their wins.

4Minute‘s second single “Muzik” got them their first win on the September 27, 2009 episode of Inkigayo. Not too much crying here.

2NE1 took home their very first win on Inkigayo with their official debut song “Fire” on June 14 2009. Just like their lebaelmates Big Bang on their first win, the girls did a good job keeping calm throughout their speech.

2PM‘s “Again and Again” gave the group their first win on the May 7, 2009 episode of M!Countdown.

Kara‘s first win came from their cute song “Honey” on the March 5, 2009 episode of M!Countdown. Gyuri and Seungyeon both burst out in tears as they gave the group’s thank you speech.

(Jump to 11:08 in the video)

SHINee attained their first win on M!Countdown on September 18, 2008 with “Love Like Oxygen.” The song was their title track from their first studio album “The SHINee World.”

Taemin, who is 14(15?) at the time, starts to give the thank you speech with a bright smile while the others put their head down. At 1:23, Minho looks like he is trying hard to hold in his emotions.

Davichi‘s “Sad Promise” got them their first on the May 4, 2008 show of Inkigayo.

Just like 2NE1, this duo manages to stay calm while accepting their award.

Brown Eyed Girls took their first music show win on the February 22, 2008 episode of Music Bank with “L.O.V.E.”

The group, which had been previously known as an R&B/ballad group, switched up their style to a more pop sound for their first mini album. It was a great move as “L.O.V.E” went on to become one of the most popular songs for the first half of the year.

Wonder Girls received their first win for “Tell Me” on Inkigayo’s October 28, 2007 episode.

The song was the title track for their first full length album “The Wonder Years,” and was extremely popular as it won six times on Music Bank, three times on Inkigayo and once on M!Countdown.

A little more than two months after their official debut with “Into The New World,” Girls’ Generation took their very first music program win on the October 11, 2007 episode of M!Countdown. 

Sooyoung seems to be the only one visibly crying while Yoona seems to be close to it as well.

Of course, this would only just be the first of many wins for the group. Adding their total wins from M!Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo gives a total of 80 wins!

Big Bang‘s “Lies” gave them their first win on Music Bank on September 7, 2007. The boys remain calm and collected throughout their thank you speech and encore performance.

Adding together their group and solo wins on M!Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo, gives Big Bang a total of 55 wins.

 (Video not available)

FT Island took home their first win on M!Countdown on July 19, 2007 with their debut song “Love Sick.”

Their first win clip was not available on YouTube, but you can watch a video of their first encore stage here.

Super Junior took home their first win on Inkigayo on June 25, 2006, with “U.” After being announced the winner, there are lots of tears and hugs shared.

 (Includes performance. Jump to 4:02 in to watch award.)

SS501‘s first win came from their song “Never Again” on M!Countdown on September 15, 2005.

 (Includes performance. Jump to 4:36 in to watch award.)

DBSK won for the first time on March 28, 2004 on SBS with their debut single “Hug.”

Despite being a rookie group, you can easily see an impressive amount of fans cheering them on at the show.

(Subtitled in English. Includes several different wins.)

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