Listen to a Preview of Topbob’s New Album, “KOMPLEX”

Rapper Topbob will return with his first mini album titled, “KOMPLEX.” The rapper had previously released his first solo single, “PLEX,” back in January, and will return again with his catchy rhythms. As all the song on “KOMPLEX” was produced by the rapper, music listeners will have a chance to listen to the diverse melodies that highlight the rapper’s skills. Furthermore, the six songs feature talented artists such as Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and Choiza, as well as powerful vocalists Bumkey. “Komplex” is set to be released on February 20.

Topbob is well known for his career in the underground music world as the rapper had been part of the talented hip hop duo, TBNY. In addition, the rapper had also formed a group called, Twins, with vocalists Bumkey, thus highlighting the rapper’s level of experience with music.

Check out the highlight video below!