Nell Talk about Being in the Same Company as Infinite, Releases 6th Album “Newton’s Apple” Tracklist

Rock band Nell recently revealed their affection for idol group Infinite, who share the same company as the band.

At a private music show held on February 13, Nell revealed that, “Infinite are also cute dongsaengs. While we don’t really have an opportunity to talk about music with Infinite, we don’t feel uncomfortable being around them.”

Nell’s vocalist, Kim Jong Wan, was replying to a question asking how Nell was able to co-exist with idol group Infinite in the same company, Woolim Entertainment.

He added, “When our company said that they were going to debut an idol group back in 2008, I worried about whether it would be okay, but I think there was no reason to worry. There have been no major issues.”

“While the company has certainly gotten bigger, our CEO still remains a close hyung, and the staff members are like friends.”

Nell praised Infinite, saying that Infinite’s debut had widened the company’s musical breadth. Kim Jong Wan said, “The advantage is that our staff members have a broad mindset (to rock and idol music). Our company is an ideal place to make music.”

Nell will be releasing their sixth album “Newton’s Apple” on February 27, consisting of 11 songs. The album will coming with a second CD, containing tracks from previous releases.

“Newton’s Apple” will be the final release for Nell’s Gravity series, following 2012’s “Holding onto Gravity” and 2013’s “Escaping Gravity.”

Check out Nell’s tracklist for “Newton’s Apple” below!


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