B.A.P to Have 40 Meter Spacecraft at “Live on Earth” Concert

B.A.P will be preparing a gigantic 40 meter spacecraft for a special stage at their “Live on Earth 2014” concert in Seoul in March.

The “Live on Earth” concert will depict B.A.P arriving on Earth in their spacecraft from Planet Mato. The stage will not just be of a grand scale, but the production will also be paying careful attention to small details as well.

The concert poster and video teaser hint at what is to be expected, featuring a UFO spacecraft resembling B.A.P’s mascot, the Matoki rabbit, accompanied by the text, “Seoul Attack!”

This sort of scale is nothing new to B.A.P, having previously made “blockbuster” music videos featuring supersized spacecrafts and a 7 meter tall Matoki robot.

B.A.P’s “One Shot” music video featured an aircraft hangar, a luxury yacht and a tank, on top of a massive Matoki rabbit. The group had a successful first Japanese tour, “Warrior Begins,” last year which had the concept, “Warriors of the Universe.”

Their agency, TS Entertainment, said of their upcoming concert, “We have given greatest care to interaction with the fans for this concert. The most intense competition for tickets was for standing section A, “Earth Zone,” where fans will be surrounded by a protruding stage.”

TS Entertainment added that B.A.P’s liveliness would be displayed through their diverse performances, with the aim of communicating with the audience through their music.

B.A.P is currently promoting their album’s title song, “1004 (Angel),” and recently took their first music show wins at Music Champion, Music Bank and Inkigayo.