Kim Hee Ae Picks Yoo Ah In Over Lee Seung Gi

Actress Kim Hee Ae recently confessed that she would chose her co-star Yoo Ah In over the “Noonas Over Flowers” baggage boy, Lee Seung Gi.

On February 18, the press conference for the film “Elegant Lies” was held. When she was asked who she liked better, Kim Hee Ae answered, “Yoo Ah In. I’m sorry Lee Seung Gi.” She continued, “I am filming a drama these days and I am in a special relationship with Yoo Ah In.” Kim Hee Ae is currently filming a melodrama for JTBC where she plays Yoo Ah In’s lover.

Kim Hee Ae also spoke about her film, “Elegant Lies,” and said, “The original film and the script is so good. I also watched director Lee Han’s previous film ‘Punch’ and it was so good. It had a heavy and serious topic but he made it fun. So I wanted to work with him. I had no choice but to chose this film because of the great cast of Sung Dong Il, Yoo Ah In, Go Ah Sung, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Hyang Ki.”

“Elegant Lies” is about 14-year-old Chun Ji (Kim Hyang Ki), who passes away without a word and her mother Hyun Sook (Kim Hee Ae), her older sister Min Ji (Go Ah Sung) and her friend Hwa Yeon (Kim Yoo Jung). “Elegant Lies” will hit theaters on March 13.