Seo In Guk Gets Close with Wang Ji Won in Episode 3 of Web Drama “Another Parting”

Short web drama “Another Parting” has released another exciting episode featuring Seo In Guk and Wang Ji Won‘s beginning romance in episode three titled “Escape.” The drama also features English subtitles for those who don’t speak Korean.

The drama’s introduction to episode three said, “Hana (Wang Ji Won) and Hul (Seo In Guk) hide themselves in Hana’s workroom while they are being chased for attempted murder. They open their minds and talk from the bottom of their hearts. Then, Hana’s frozen heart slowly starts to melt down. Hul asks Hana when she wants to go back to if she can turn back time one more time. Hana says ‘Before I started lying to myself.'”

In this episode, we see Hul show off some of his special alien talents, and we begin to understand more of Hana’s sadness. 

You will be able to watch this short web drama ‘Another Parting’ through 1theK(One the K, formerly LOEN) Youtube channel as well as through MelOn TV, Dramacube (, SK Broadband BTV, BTV Mobile, and Naver TV Cast. 

You can watch episodes one and two of the drama “Another Parting” here.