Orange Caramel Reveals Comeback Single “Catallena” with Mysterious First Teaser Image

After School‘s sub unit Orange Caramel have revealed their upcoming comeback single “Catallena” with an intriguing first teaser image. The photo was posted on member Lizzy’s Twitter account, and also on the group’s official Facebook page along with the message “What is Catellena?” The title is mysterious and no one is exactly sure what it means. What do you guys think the title means? 

The teaser image shows the leg of a woman who is hiding behind the wall. The woman is wearing polka dot styled shoes, stockings and dress for a vintage and retro look. There is also a hand at the top of wall, and viewers are probably wondering what is behind the wall. 

Orange Caramel is a three member sub unit of girl group After School, and they debuted in 2010. 

orange caramel