ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik Appears at 2014 Sochi Olympics Speed Skating Event

ZE:A member Park Hyungsik was captured on camera recently in the stands at a 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Speed Skating event in Russia.

Park Hyungsik was there supporting Korean speed skater Lee Seung Hoon in the men’s 10000 meter event on February 18, which took place at the Sochi Adler Arena Skating Center.

He was captured by SBS cameras sitting in the stands cheering Lee Seung Hoon on, along with 500 meter gold medalist Lee Sang Hwa. Park Hyungsik had miniature Korean flags affixed to his cap, and showed his enthusiastic support for the Korean speed skater. Lee Seung Hoon finished fourth in the event.

Park Hyungsik left for Sochi on February 16, along with actor Seo Gyung Suk. The two will be hosting MBC 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics special “Real Men – Go to Sochi.”