AlphaBAT Releases “Always” MV as Tribute for Fans

As one of the last string of idols to debut in the year 2013, AlphaBAT’s debut track “AB CITY” received great love from fans. For 2014, the boys have released “Always” as a tribute to fans before they make their comeback with the release of their first mini album! 

“Always” is a medium-tempo ballad track that was jointly composed and produced by AlphaBAT member B:eta and composing team, “Real Men.” 

AlphaBAT members also contributed lyrics they wrote themselves to “Always,” expressing gratitude for the support of fans since AlphaBAT’s debut until the present. “Always” is about AlphaBAT’s 9 members, who always think of the fans, feel grateful for their loyalty and their support, as well as wanting to get a little closer to them.