T-ara Gives Special Interview for Cho Young Soo’s “First Love”

T-ara members excitedly introduce their newest track, “First Love” without giving too much away in their latest interview!

“First Love” was composed by Cho Young Soo, who has also composed ten other songs sung by T-ara. “First Love” is a track that will be featured on Cho Young Soo’s “All Star” project album. According to the interview, “First Love” belongs to a fresh genre and possesses a “tango rhythm.” Also noteworthy is that a new female rapper, who goes by the stage name of EB and has yet to debut with her own girl group, will be dropping some rap verses for “First Love” as well. EB actually does show her face near the end of the clip, so be sure to watch it!

The girls also open up about their thoughts and feelings when it comes to the concept of “First Love.” Hyomin shared, “I think it’s the kind of love that makes you cry so much for the first time.” Throughout the interview, fans can hear instrumental snippets of “First Love.” 

Check out the interview below!