Infinite’s Hoya Returns to Taekwondo in “Our Neighborhood Sports”

Infinite’s Hoya is joining the “Our Neighborhood Sports” team!

Hoya will be making his first appearance on the KBS variety show in the taekwondo episode, and will be putting his athletic ability on grand display. The taekwondo episode, especially, will be something to see. To give an idea of Hoya’s athletic ability, he had made it up to the 3rd dan rank in taekwondo in middle school. While he gave up taekwondo after an injury during competition, Hoya will have a second chance in the new episode of “Our Neighborhood Sports.”

Hoya’s athleticism is nothing new. He had previously shown his crazy speed during the “Idol Star Athletic Championships,” winning gold. It’ll be interesting to also see how the Infinite member fares at tae kwon do!

Whether or not Hoya will become a regular member of “Our Neighborhood Sports,” taking over the empty spot of TVXQ!’s Changmin, remains to be seen.

Also appearing in the tae kwon do episode are 2PM’s Chansung and BigStar’s FeelDog.