Yang Dong Geun Releases Moody Teaser for JAJAJA

All you Korean Hip Hop fans are in for a treat. The multi-talented singer and actor, Yang Dong Geun is back and he has released a rather moody teaser for his new song “JAJAJA” featuring Dynamic Duo and Crush

In the brief teaser, we are treated to an atmospheric panning shot that takes in the Seoul Cityscape with overlays declaring the song’s title, artist and featured artists. We then get treated to a calm looking Yang Dong Geun walking towards the camera on a rooftop. All of this lovely imagery is backed up by, what sounds like, a lovely smooth jazz style audio track with Yang Dong Geun’s voice over telling us to “Have a listen to it, JAJAJA.” 

It has been slightly over a year since Yang Dong Geun released “Father.” For all of you starved Yang Dong Geun fans, the wait for a new song from the talented singer is almost over and if the teaser is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. “JAJAJA” will be released on February 25.