Big Bang’s Taeyang Featured on Japanese Duo m-flo’s New Album “Future is Wow”

Big Bang’s Taeyang recently featured on Japanese duo m-flo’s new album “Future Is Wow” along with other famous Japanese singers. m-flo is a duo made up of VERBAL, an MC, and Taku, a DJ and producer. They will be releasing their 8th album “Future Is Wow” on March 26.  

The guest artists participating in the album were revealed on m-flo’s official homepage, including Taeyang, Ah Yoo Mi, and Japanese girl group Flower’s main vocalist Washio Reina, among other talented Japanese artists.

The song that Taeyang participated in is called “Go Crazy,” and is the lead track for “Future Is Wow.” The track is a party track, and is garnering interest as to whether it will become m-flo’s new representative song. Not only did VERBAL rewrite the lyrics three times, DJ Taku also played the song in his mix for DJ gigs, and the song has already gotten great reviews. This is m-flo’s first official collaboration with Taeyang, who has known VERBAL since a long time ago.

In other news, Taeyang is preparing his solo album, and G-Dragon will be taking off for a Japanese fan meeting and tour, as well as an Asia fan meeting tour.