“Prime Minister and I” Actor Yoon Shi Yoon Talks About YoonA’s Real Personality

Actor Yoon Shi Yoon earned the nickname of “bookworm” for always having a book in his hands, even on the drama set and was recently picked as the most clean-cut celebrity by industry insiders. In an interview with Sports Seoul, Yoon Shi Yoon talked about filming the drama, “Prime Minister And I” and his co-star, Girl’s Generation member YoonA. In the drama,Yoon Shi Yoon plays the role of Kang In Ho, the Prime Minister’s assistant, who develops feelings for YoonA’s character, Nam Da Jung. 

Yoon Shi Yoon went on to give YoonA glowing praise for her professionalism and sweet personality. “YoonA is such a down-to-earth person with a good heart. She’s pure; she’s a great actress. She has a way of expressing gentle emotions in a sweet way. Although she’s a part of Girls’ Generation, she has an ‘analog’ type of charisma. When I see her on stage with such explosive energy, it makes me think about how much effort she puts into what she does.”

He also didn’t forget to cheer on Girl’s Generation on their comeback saying, “Girls’ Generation has already written their own legacy. Just like H.O.T, wouldn’t Girls’ Generation also be a sensation for a really long time? I hope YoonA enjoys being a part of [Girls’ Generation] and becomes someone even more admirable. Since YoonA is a part of Girls’ Generation, I’ll definitely be monitoring them and cheering them on!”