Park Hae Jin Is Recognized for His Generosity to Child Victims of Sexual Assault

Actor Park Hae Jin, who has continually volunteered and donated to child victims of sexual assault, received a letter of thanks from the Gangnam district on February 20. Park Hae Jin said, “It was something I started because I liked it, and now, receiving this letter of thanks, I don’t know what to say. I think I will continue with a sense of responsibility for the work.”

This is the second time that Park Hae Jin has received a letter of appreciation and set a precedence. He received a letter of thanks once before for his work with The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, which he is still involved in.

Park Hae Jin has continuously visited a children’s welfare center to volunteer for and help victims of sexual assault and abuse. The word is that he started the work 5 years ago, and since then has been like an uncle to the children at the center. Moreover, at the end of last year, the actor distributed briquette, rice, and heaters around the village of Guryeong, helping make the winter a little bit warmer for everyone.

Park Hae Jin is currently appearing in the popular SBS drama “Man From the Stars,” after which he can be seen starring in the SBS’s new drama “Doctor Stranger,” starring Lee Jong Suk.

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