It’s Going to Be a Girl for Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young

Top celebrity couple Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young are expecting a daughter.

According to a report in local news agencies, the actress and expectant mother is preparing for the birth that is likely to come at the end of the month. Jang Dong Gun is currently busy working and is trying to keep up with a demanding schedule while Go So Young is also engaging in pre-natal exercises. 

An entertainment industry insider is quoted to have said, “Go So Young’s almost full-term and the birth date is imminent. She is healthy and the baby is expected to be a daughter. The couple found out about the news and are absolutely delighted.”

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young were married in May 2010 and welcomed their first child, a son, in October of the same year. News of the pregnancy of their second child came out in November of last year, which excited and created anticipation for fans.