How Does SISTAR’s Hyorin Look After Washing Up?

On a recent episode of SISTAR’s reality show, Hyorin showed her outgoing personality by filming herself after she had washed up.

On February 22’s episode of “SISTAR’s Midnight in Hong Kong,” Hyorin grabbed the camera and proceeded to film a self camera. What was the catch? The singer had just come out of the shower, wearing a robe and a towel on her head. Different than her usual stage look that consisted of styled hair and makeup, Hyorin showed her no-makeup look with a smile. As the singer commented that she usually prefers a free look rather than a created look, the SISTAR member expressed, “On stage since we wear tight outfits, it can be uncomfortable. So I only look for comfortable clothes.”


The relaxed self- interview filmed by Hyorin is a reflection of the singer’s outgoing personality.
“SISTAR’s Midnight in Hong Kong” airs on Saturdays at 11 PM (KST) on Y-Star.