Actress Shin Min Ah Is Graceful in Photos, Playful on Set

Actress Shin Min Ah will attract attention through her pictorial with fashion magazine, W Korea, with the theme “2014 Trend Hair Color.”

The pictorial will propose the 2014 Spring/Summer hair trend. It was conducted in partnership with the Korean hair care brand, “mise en scene.” In the pictorial, Shin Min Ah exhibited glamorousness through styling a red dress and thick waves in her hair.

Shin Min Ah’s agency, ON Entertainment, released a behind-the-scenes photo from the photo shoot on its official Facebook page. Contrary to the glamour the actress demonstrates in the pictorial, Shin Min As shows a different side of herself backstage. In the photo, she has her hair in thick waves as she gives a sweet smile while posing “V” with her hands. The two distinct photos taken on the same day give off very different charms.

Meanwhile, Shin Min Ah is preparing to begin filming for her new film, “My Love, My Bride,” which is scheduled to begin at the end of February. 

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