Lee Seung Hwan to Release an Album in Late March

Veteran singer Lee Seung Hwan will soon return with his 11th album. On February 19, the singer wrote on his Facebook, “I thought it would be better after time passed. I keep on focusing on the quality and sound of the music. I have a bad habit of annoying the staff and thinking that it is okay since they have been accustomed to it. I have been called Lee Seung Hwan mule because of my stubbornness like a mule. Now it’s the last steps of recording the vocals, and although I don’t smoke, I want to have a cigarette in my mouth and hum throughout the night.” Along with the message, the singer posted a photo of himself in an American recording studio back in August.

Furthermore, Lee Seung Hwan’s agency, Dream Factory, commented on February 20, “The singer’s 11th album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee’s Oceanway Studio and in Los Angeles’ Henson Studio; many musicians participated in the recording of the album. Currently we are finishing the last parts of production for the 11th album that will be released in March, and Lee Seung Hwan plans to have a large showcase on March 28. The showcase will start his official music activities.” The veteran singer, known to hold more performances rather than broadcast appearances, debuted back in 1989 with his album “B.C. 603.” Having held over 1000 live concerts, Lee Seung Hwan’s songs will not disappoint.