Mnet’s “M!Countdown” Will Update Its Broadcast Format to Allow More Fan Participation

Cable music show, “M! Countdown” will be reorganizing its music program, allowing fans and audience to have a larger participation on the show. On February 20, Mnet expressed, “Starting from February 27, ‘M! Countdown’s’ format will be updated from the process of how music is ranked, and to how the MCs will run the show. We will allow for a broader participation of the audience in hopes of becoming a more agreeable music chart program.”

The biggest change will be the social media points that will focus on audience participation. Starting from the February 27, online music scores will be 50%, album sales 10%, social media points (Youtube official music video views + SNS buzz) 10%, preference scores (global fan votes + age range preference) 10%, broadcast scores 10%, and live voting 10%. With the show opening up more categories for points, the hope is that viewers would be able to see a diverse range of music on the show’s charts.

Notably, the changed format will focus on the top ten songs on the charts, rather than just on the number one ranked song. In doing so, “M! Countdown” hopes to convey the changing music trends to the audience.  Camera producer Yoon Shin Hye commented, “Through a new method, we hope that the program can offer a diverse music chart.”

This year, “M! Countdown” will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary as the music program began back in July of 2004.