Noh Hong Chul Gains Back All Lost Weight and Gives Up on Modeling

Noh Hong Chul, who made headlines just a few month ago with his amazing weight loss, has returned to his original weight.

The “Infinity Challenge” star made an appearance on tvN’s “The Genius: Rule Breaker” on February 22. What caught everyone’s eye was his slightly plump face and overall larger frame compared to his previous look.

He confessed, “I changed a bit. I gained some weight. After the Milan [Fashion Week] trip of ‘Infinity Challenge’ got cancelled, I put on some weight.” Comedian Hong Jin Ho commented, “I heard he gained 17 kilograms,” and made Noh Hong Chul seemingly embarrassed over the sudden change in his body. 

Back in November, “Infinity Challenge” decided to test the charms of Noh Hong Chul and Jung Joon Ha by sending them to Milan Fashion Week. To prepare for the casting, the two comedians went through shocking transformations, losing fat and gaining visible muscles. However, this plan was recently called off, and seems like Noh Hong Chul decided to return to his old self.

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