m-flo Releases Short Version of “Go Crazy” Feat. Taeyang

m-flo released a sample of their track, “Go Crazy” featuring Big Bang’s Taeyang! He also goes by the name SOL, which again refers to his name as the “sun.” The track will be on m-flo’s 8th album, “Future is Wow” which will go on sale on March 26! Fans can pre-order online. The album will also feature Ayumi and Japanese girl group Flower’s Washio Reina

m-flo is a Japanese hip-hop, two-member group comprised of VERBAL and Taku. This is m-flo’s first time collaborating with Taeyang, who have been friends for a long time now. “Go Crazy” is a dance track that falls under the hot genre of electronic music that features popular vocalists and rappers. 

In related news, Taeyang is preparing for his solo album.