B.A.P to Thank for First Music Show Win by Volunteering with Fans

Male group B.A.P, who recently took home their first music show trophy, has attracted attention for their “Number One Promise.”

As their comeback with “1004 (Angel)” has been particularly successful and meaningful, the members will turn into “angels” and ask fans to join them in giving back to the community. Named after their music show win, the event “Number One Promise” will bring together B.A.P and Babyz to do volunteer work for a welfare organization.

While the group has lent their helping hands for the organization in the past, this will be their first time to engage in volunteer activities with their loving fans. The members have expressed their wish to share the love they receive from their fans by spreading it to people and places who truly need it. This event will most likely become a memorable experience to both B.A.P and Babys.

B.A.P is known for actively giving back to the community. During their concerts and fan meetings, they have gathered funds for a good cause and donated noodles to those in need.

The group is currently preparing for their upcoming solo concert “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul 2014.”