Ji Chang Wook Is Ha Ji Won’s Manager?

On MBC’s “Section TV,” the stars of the drama “Empress Ki,” Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook, held an interview.

Ha Ji Won was asked who she wants to go hiking with the most, and she replied Ji Chang Wook. 

At this, Ji Chang Wook said, “It’s because she wants to drag me around and use me,” talking about how he takes care of her on the set of “Empress Ki.” He continued, “Sometimes, it’s scary how I’ve become so used to helping her, it’s like I’m her manager.” 

Also in the interview, when asked who his ideal type is between Kim Seo Hyung, Baek Jin Hee, and Ha Ji Won, all actresses from “Empress Ki,” he chose Ha Ji Won, explaining that “She’s bright and optimistic, and she’s fit and healthy, so I don’t think she gets sick easily.”

Ha Ji Won, trying to hide her embarrassment, joked, “Would there be a reason..”

Ji Chang Wook also even sent a message to Baek Jin Hee, who plays the antagonist Empress Tanashiri, asking her not to harass Ha Ji Won.

ha ji won ji chang wook

ha ji won ji chang wook