Sunmi is proving to be one of the hottest female soloist of K-Pop at the moment, taking the music scene by storm with consecutive hit singles, “24 Hours” and now “Full Moon.” One of Sunmi’s key style points was her barefoot concept and she recently shared her reasons behind it through an interview with Star News.

“If I came out with high heels and a typical concept, I don’t think my own color would have been formed. I’ve always had bad ankles so I can’t wear heels for a long time anyway so being barefoot was actually more comfortable when dancing,” she said.

Sunmi continued, “The concept for ‘Full Moon’ actually had me wearing heels in the beginning. But when I stepped on stage with the heels, it wasn’t the image and my company and I were thinking of. I wanted to give off a girlish but womanly vibe but wearing heels seemed too strong.”

Sunmi’s “sofa dance” for her “Full Moon” choreography also worked out better barefoot. “When I stepped on the sofa with heels on, the sofa kept ripping. I couldn’t catch my balance either. It was dangerous on many levels to do the choreography with heels so I decided to go barefoot again,” she explained.

About her new “Full Moon” concept, Sunmi stated, “I tried to appeal with a more refined and mysterious concept than ’24 Hours.’ I wanted to show the youthful but sexy side of someone who is in between a girl and a woman.”

When asked if she will continue her barefoot concept for her future singles, Sunmi laughed and said, “The barefoot concept is like a watercolor paint that gave me a color as a solo artist. But I probably won’t be barefoot for all my future activities. I need to keep showing new changes.”