Adrenaline Pumping Drama Posters for Park Yoochun’s “Three Days” Released

Official posters for the upcoming action thriller drama “Three Days” have been released.

On February 24, SBS released three new posters that made the drama look like a blockbuster film, further hyping up the public for the upcoming series.

One poster shows Han Tae Kyung’s (played by Park Yoochun) charisma as he is on duty to protect Lee Dong Hwi (played by Son Hyun Joo). The main poster shows Park Yoo Chun pointing a gun and the rest of the main cast including Park Ha Sun, Soh Yi Hyun, Yoon Jae Moon, Choi Won Young and Jang Hyun Sung.

Two different teaser clips have been revealed, which have immediately shot up on the real-time search chart after its release.

The production company commented, “The four posters portray the tension and thrill that the drama will bring. It also perfectly shows each of the characters. This will be writer Kim Eun Hee’s best work. It will have a near perfect story, great action scenes and a big budget of 10 billion won (around $9.3 million). As if you’re watching 16 short films, it will be a very high-quality drama. Please look forward to the first episode.”

“Three Days” is about the happenings that surround the attempts to kidnap and assassinate the South Korean president. The pilot episode will air on March 5.

In related news, Park Yoo Chun was reported to be injured but had decided to continue filming with his shoulder injury.

3days poster 4

3days poster 3

3days poster 2

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