Krystal, Kyuhyun and Kim Tae Woo React to CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop”

CNBLUE has recently started their comeback activities with their 5th mini-album “Can’t Stop” to the delight of many fans. As part of their comeback promotions, CNBLUE revealed some celebrity reactions to their newest song “Can’t Stop.” Such celebrities included ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee, Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye and Park So Hyun.

On February 24, three more celebrity reactions from f(x)‘s Krystal, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and Kim Tae Woo were revealed! CNBLUE’s official Facebook page uploaded the photos and captions from each celebrity’s reaction.

Krystal commented, “First of all, it’s a good song. The song changes in the middle. I feel the spring aura. CNBLUE has always been strong when it comes to music charts. It will be a big hit.”

Kyuhyun commented, “‘Can’t Stop’ has an addictive melody. Has Jung Yong-Hwa written it? Really? Haha.” After listening to “Diamond Girl,” Kyuhyun said, “I like this song too. This song has a catchy melody line. This album will be loved by many people. Every songs were made by CNBLUE? What an overachiever. Not only their looks, songs, but also their performances at live concerts…They make me strive to practice and work harder.”

Kim Tae Woo, after listening to “Cold Love,” commented, “The song is so cool. Did Jung Yong-Hwa write it? When a composer writes a song for himself, he knows how to maximize his strengths whether he knows it or not. This is unfair…Jung Yong-Hwa looks good, sings well, plays instruments and writes songs and lyrics…”

Then, Kim Tae Woo listened to “Can’t Stop” and said, “Such a nice sound. It must have been hard writing such a song—couldn’t have just composed it. This song must have made him happy, when he was composing it. He must be proud! Ask him. This sounds like a pop song… What I like about CNBLUE is that they keep the K-pop sound in their own way. They come up with a friendly melody, and arrange it in a whole new way. Jung Yong-Hwa, out of all, is a great singer—he has Beatles-like, Maroon5-like feelings. This song will be a big hit. Write me a song someday!”

Check out the video clip below: