New Girls’ Generation Teasers Show Candid Videos of Jessica, Sunny and More

A teaser site for Girls’ Generation‘s “Mr. Mr.” comeback has been revealed.

Featuring pictures of all the members from their upcoming music video, the images of Jessica and Sunny flicker with static every few seconds. Clicking on them would lead to a video featuring CCTV styled footage.

In the first one, Jessica is sleeping, but is woken up by Sunny placing food on her mouth as a prank. The second one has Sunny, Tiffany and Yoona eating and relaxing at home.

CAM 1 – Jessica

Cam 7 – Sunny

 While the album has been released and is sweeping charts around the world, they will have their first comeback stage on “M! Countdown” on March 6. Until then, we will have to enjoy more teasers. The next batch will be released soon.