Singer Solbi Is Making a Comeback Under Her Real Name

Singer Solbi is going back to her birth name! 

In March, Solbi will be releasing her new album under her real name, Kwon Ji Ahn. Solbi recently finished up filming for her new music video in New York, and is putting the final touches on her album to be released in mid-March.

Recently, Solbi has been working hard on honest expression through art, essays, and talks. With the upcoming album, she intends to show her absolute true self, with honest music and stories, going even further than the frank image that we have always seen on variety shows, which is why she decided on using her birth name.

For her musical transformation, she teamed up with Pastel Music. Pastel Music represents many singer-songwriters, including those who have worked with artists such as Epitone Project, Han Hee Jung, Zitten, Casker, Sogyumo Acacia Band, and more. Moreover, the label represents talented artists such as Yozoh, Taru, and Humming Urban Stereo.

An official at Pastel Music said, “While speaking with Solbi about music, we really saw her serious attitude towards music. In her story about how she had a dream since she was young to sing and communicate through music, her sincerity came through. Because we felt her sincerity and because we feel she has a lot of potential to grow as an artist, we decided to work together.”

Solbi, who has since shown us a variety of talents with singing, acting, and art, among other things, has departmentalized her management for a more systematic entertainment activities. Her music management will be done by Pastel Music, and her acting and variety show management will be taken on by IK Entertainment. She plans to continue her work as an artist/painter and writer, along with her singing and broadcast activities.