Orange Caramel Reveals Second Teaser for “Catallena”

After School‘s sub unit Orange Caramel released the second video teaser for their upcoming single, “Catallena” through their agency’s YouTube channel.

The second teaser is a continuation of the first teaser, an album production meeting with Kim Dae Sung and his fellow comedian Jung Tae Ho. Both of these comedians are famous for their skits in which they dress up as women on the sketch comedy show “Gag Concert.” In this video, the girl group and the comedians listen to the song and talk about how they feel about. Jung Tae Ho hints that the song is quite different than Orange Caramel’s previous tracks.

We also get a short interview with Kim Dae Sung as Catallena, who shares that all he wants is to be prettier than Orange Caramel. r

Orange Caramel will make their comeback with “Catalenna” on March 12.


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