G-Dragon and His “Embarassing” Middle School Past

There has been renewed interest in BIGBANG member G-Dragon’s past, specifically, an old video from G-Dragon’s school days.

Interest in the video was sparked anew through a February 25 post on an online community forum titled, “G-Dragon’s Prohibited Video.” The video footage shows G-Dragon’s appearing in his school musical, “Urine Town,” which was his National Middle School of Traditional Arts graduation project.

In the video, G-Dragon sports a neat side-part, slicked down, and heavy, exaggerated stage makeup, to humorous and slightly ridiculous effect. He looked nothing like the fashionista he is today.

Referring to the video in an anecdote, G-Dragon once commented on a radio show after his debut that, “I won’t let the people who spread the video get away with it.” However, the video has continued to receive attention throughout his career.

Thought you’d never seen G-Dragon in a musical? Check out his performance below: