Sleepyhead Taeyeon and Silly Sooyoung in Girls’ Generation’s “NOW” Clips

SM Entertainment released two more clips of Girls’ GenerationNOW” featuring Taeyeon and Sooyoung, showing fans the girls’ in a realistic and natural setting.

In Taeyeon’s clip, she is first shown slumped on a chair, in a deep, peaceful sleep. She is bundled up from head to toe with a big padded jacket and seems to be catching up on some rest. We see the person filming (assumed to be Sunny) creeping up on Taeyeon. Watch what happens:

Sooyoung is playful and quirky in her clip as she peers into the camera and jokingly repeats, “I’m so pretty.” She continues to make people laugh with her silly antics in a way that only Sooyoung can pull off. Sooyoung’s big and bright smile is contagious as she dazzles fans with her natural beauty.

Meanwhile, YoonA’s “NOW” clip was released on the same day. Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyeons clips were also revealed. Stay tuned for more of these Girls’ Generation “NOW” clips in the near future!