Tablo’s Daughter Haru Dresses Up as Snow White

Tablo’s daughter Haru recently played dress-up and transformed into a miniature Disney princess! 

During the filming of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” Tablo prepared a surprise visit for Haru to a studio specializing in recreating storybook scenes. Haru changed into different costumes pertaining to the Snow White princess concept, and daddy Tablo couldn’t help but laugh aloud at her adorable costumes. 

Tablo even requested for a fish to replace the trademark apple to be used in the Snow White photo shoot, since Haru loved fish so much. They ended up giving the photo shoot the title, “The Fish-Loving Snow White Princess.” 

When Tablo was escorting Haru in her cute wedding dress, he adorably remarked, “The time will come when I will be doing this for real…” 

The episode featuring Haru’s fun day at the studio will air on March 2!