TVXQ Sports Menswear Colorful Style Trends That Transition From Winter to Spring

TVXQ recently modeled for a pictorial with “@STAR1” fashion magazine and gave an interview!

Members Changmin and Yunho were outfitted in colorful, trendy outfits that transitioned from winter to spring wear. 

In their interview with “@Star1,” the members were asked to talk about what they see themselves doing in ten years. Yunho shared, “First off, I think I would still be a part of TVXQ. In addition, I think I would continue to show different sides of me. However, I think I mustn’t forget that I am Jung Yunho. I want to be the kind of person who sends a good message, inspiring many people to chase their dreams and hopes.”

He went on to say, “I once received a letter from someone who said they were able to regain strength because of me and work harder than ever. That really touched me. It made me think that I want to become a more sincere person.” 

In related news, TVXQ released their repackage album, “Spellbound” on February 27. 

You can catch the rest of TVXQ’s interview and photos from their shoot in the March issue of “@Star1” magazine! 

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