Lee Jung Jin to Star in Chinese Drama with Chae Yeon

Actor Lee Jung Jin has chosen a Chinese drama for his next project. He will be working alongside Chae Yeon, who has been enjoying much popularity in China.

Lee Jung Jin has gained many Chinese fans starring in various films and dramas including “Pietà,” “The Fugitive: Plan B,” “A Hundred Year Legacy,” and “Basketball.” He has been cast as the leading role for “If Love Can be Repeated” and will be making his official debut in China. A rep from his agency confirmed, “He has been cast as the leading male role in ‘If Love Can be Repeated.’”  

Lee Jung Jin will be playing the son of a conglomerate who is cold on the outside yet very warm-hearted. Chae Yeon will be playing the part of the villain in the drama and will be showing a different side of herself.

“If Love Can be Repeated” will consist of 30 episodes portraying the love story between a young couple living in the city.