“We Got Married” Jung Joon Young Tries Hard to Impress His Mother-in-Law

Jung Joon Young is out to win over the heart of his mother-in-law on “We Got Married!” On the March 1 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married Season 4,” fantasy couple Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi spent some time with Jung Yoo Mi’s mother, who visited their house with a birthday meal.

Jung Joon Young was really surprised when she came by. He said, “When I first saw my mother-in-law, I could feel her ‘mother-in-law’ aura.” He joked, “I opened the door for her, but I wanted to close it again.”

However, they say that the husband’s love is his mother-in-law. At the affection from his mother-in-law, Jung Joon Young set the table, cleaned it up, and did everything that he doesn’t do on a regular basis to impress her. Later, he even showed his mother-in-law and wife some basketball moves and played guitar for them, being cute and making them laugh.

Jung Yoo Mi said, “Today my husband was the best. I was really thankful.”

This week’s episode featured the Lee So YeonYoon Han, WooyoungPark Se Young, and Jung Yoo Mi – Jung Joon Young couples.

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