“We Got Married” Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han Get Close, Washing Each Other’s Feet

Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon got close in the latest episode of “We Got Married,” affectionately washing each other’s feet. 

On the March 1 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married Season 4,” fantasy couple Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han tried out some couple yoga. Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han, revealing their exceptionally inflexible bodies, really surprised everyone. 

Lee So Yeon then suggested that they get a health checkup, and the couple visited a Chinese herbal clinic, where they received acupuncture. After the acupuncture, the couple went to wash their feet. Yoon Han said to Lee So Yeon, “Give me your feet. I’ll wash them for you,” commenting on how skinny her calves are. Lee So Yeon also washed Yoon Han’s feet, a little shy, saying that it was her first time ever washing someone’s feet.

Unfortunately, this super cute couple was confirmed to have filmed their last episode this past February 19, and will be replaced by a new couple,  yet undecided.

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