Infinite’s Dongwoo Walks Around the Dorm with No Clothes On?

Idol group Infinite‘s quite surprising living habits were recently revealed by members Hoya and Dongwoo.

On the March 2 episode of SBS’ “1000 Song Challenge,” music industry seniors and juniors gathered together for a fun competition, as they showed off their talent by singing popular songs.  

Representing Infinite were Hoya and Dongwoo, who the MCs asked to confirm a rumor. The MCs asked, “People say that you tend to walk around the dorm with almost no clothes on, so you surprise the housekeeper?”

Making this even more shocking, Dongwoo added, “We take off even our underwear.” However, confused over his group mate’s response, Hoya said, “Only Dongwoo walks around with nothing on. I wear my underwear,” and evoked laughter with his correction. 

Other idol groups featured on this episode were A Pink and Tiny-G.