Gary and His Look-Alike Fight Over Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man”

The March 2 broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man” was a “2014 University War” special. The “Running Man” members were each assigned a university attended by top stars around Seoul. Each member was given the mission to recruit two teammates from their assigned universities to participate in the race across the Han River. 

Gary chose two female teammates from Sungshin Women’s University, and Song Ji Hyo selected two male teammates from Konkuk University.

As Song Ji Hyo was introducing her teammates, she said to Gary, “This guy is known as the Gary of Konkuk University.” Gary responded, “Is that why you picked him?” Gary’s look-alike provoked him saying, “Song Ji Hyo is mine,” and created laughter on set. Gary evoked more laughter as he accepted his defeat.

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