Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook Finally Get Closer in the New Episode of “Empress Ki”


Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook will finally get a little bit closer in the upcoming episode of MBC’s “Empress Ki.”

In the photos revealed on March 2, Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won) is affectionately taking care of Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook), who got hit by a poison-tipped arrow trying to save Seung Nyang during a hunting competition, where Yeon Chul (Jun Gook Hwan) tried to kill the couple by setting up traps throughout the hunting area. 

At the end of the latest episode, while attempting to reveal Yeon Chul as the culprit, Seung Nyang is dragged out of the room, for having been unable to protect the emperor. The revealed photos, showing Seung Nyang back at Ta Hwan’s side, are piquing viewers’ curiosity as to how she escapes from her current situation.

Moreover, in the preview for the new episode, some interesting developments are shown, with Tanashiri (Baek Jin Hee) casting a curse that threatens Seung Nyang’s life, beginning yet another chapter of conflict between Seung Nyang and Tanashiri.

empress ki

empress ki