Taecyeon is the Perfect Son, Brother, and Father in “Wonderful Days”

Wow, talk about a 3-in-1 combination! 2PM’s Taecyeon displayed his gentleness towards his family in the recent episode of KBS’ “Wonderful Days.” Episode three of the KBS drama showed how Taecyeon’s character, Kim Dong Hee, cared for his family. Although in the public he maintained his manly composure, a scene in the March 1 episode depicted Dong Hee as the best son, brother, and father. When he returned home to find his mother praying, the son pleasantly surprised his mother, Jang So Shim, with a loving back hug. The action alone could label him as Korea’s best son, as Dong Hee openly displayed his love to his mother. However, his love wasn’t reserved only for his mother, as he showed care for his entire family.

 wonderful days

Upon entering the room shared by his daughter and older sister, Dong Hee helped move his sleeping daughter (although she knows him as her older brother) in to a more comfortable position. Afterwards, he gently touched his older sister’s head as she slept, showing his undying love for the ladies of his family. Unlike his manly pose in public, Dong Hee’s 180 degrees transformation at home makes him a wonderful son, brother, and father.

wonderful days

“Wonderful Days” broadcasts every Saturdays and Sundays at 7:55 PM (KST).

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