Ladies’ Code and YDG Confirmed as Featured Artists for “Lee.Bahl.Show” in March

On March 3, it’s been announced that labelmates Ladies’ Code and YDG will be the featured artists for “Lee.Bahl.Show” in March. The monthly show, which takes place at Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, usually featured one artist or group like Seo In Young, 2AM, Younha, and many more.

Ladies’ Code and YDG have different music styles, as the former dip into the pop genre while the latter has an interesting background as a hip hop artist and actor. Since they’re under the same label, the chance of a possible collaboration is high. Will we see the artists cover each other’s songs? Guess we’ll find out next week!

Here are the girls telling you to come! (Please scroll down for English subs!)

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Ashley: Hey, Ladies!
All: Hi, we’re Ladies’ Code!
Ashley: Everyone~ YDG oppa and Ladies’ Code are the guest for ‘Lee.Bahl.Show’ for the month of March. Woo~ Thank you so much, everyone!
Kwon Rise: We’re currently enjoying the promotions for ‘So Wonderful’ because of everyone showing us so much love.
Zunny: YDG is also happy that he’s receiving a lot of love through ‘JAJAJA.’ He wanted us to relay his gratitude.
Sojung: ‘Lee.Bahl.Show” will take place on March 10 at Olleh Square Dream Hall from 7:30pm.For those who want to watch Ladies’ Code and YDG’s awesome performances, please come~
EunB: We’ll be practicing really hard for the time being so lets meet on March 10!
Ashley: This has been..
All: Ladies’ Code! Thank you~

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