Girl’s Day Sojin and Hip-Hop Artist Crucial Star to Release Duet

Girl’s Day‘s Sojin and hip-hop artist Crucial Star are currently working on a duet.

Sojin and Crucial Star’s new single “Three Things I Want To Give To You” will be released on March 10.

The single is a remake of singer Park Hye Kyung‘s original song that was released in 2000. It is said that Sojin’s vocals added much charm to the track, which will be included in Crucial Star’s upcoming album.

sojin crucial star 030314

Sojin has had much experience with collaborating with hip-hop artists such as Electroboyz in “Ma Boy 3” and Zizo on the Mnet show, “Show Me The Money 2.”

It seems like the girl group member/hip-hop artist duo trend is in the air as others have released hit collaborations such as Soyu and Junggigo‘s “Some.”

Crucial Star was recruited by Soul Company in 2008 for his exceptional vocal, rap and producing skills. He was also recently discovered to be the son of a famous painter, Park Hang Ryul.

Sojin and Crucial Star’s “Three Things I Want To Give To You” will be released on March 10 through various music portals.