Chocolate Tanned Yuri is Chic in Stylish H&M Clothing for Bazaar Pictorial

Girl’s Generation‘s Yuri looks chic with a new chocolate tan in her newest pictorial in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine. The star is modeling the stylish clothing from H&M 2014 S/S collection. Enjoy her amazing photos below.

Yuri shows off her back line in a black leather skirt as she leans against the spotlight.


Yuri looks cool in this black and white patterned outfit.


Yuri sits cross legged on the floor with shiny black leggings.


Left: Yuri sitting on a unique brown chair in a black outfit. Right:Yuri posing in a pink suede outfit.


Left: Yuri stands on a chair in a striped top and navy blue pants. Right:Yuri dressing for the heat in a tank top and shorts.