Ha Ji Won Shows Off Natural Beauty 17 Years Ago in 1997 Drama “A Bluebird Has It”

Ha Ji Won shows off her natural beauty in a scene from 17 years ago from the 1997 drama “A Bluebird Has It.” The old scenes of the actress were shown on March 3 broadcast of talk show “YeoYouManMan.”  The show was doing a top ten list of the highest rated dramas of Korea. “A Bluebird has It” ranked four on the list, taking in 57.3% of viewers during its run. The highest rated drama was the 1996 drama “First Love” which gained 65.8% of viewership on the episode that aired April 10, 1997. 

In the drama “A Bluebird Has It,” Ha Ji Won played the small role of a fast food worker. The actress looks youthful with her natural beauty in this early scene of her career. Who would’ve guessed in 1997 that the fast food actress would become one of the top actresses of Korea?

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